First Time Home Buyer Guide
              Provided by REALTOR David Mueller


Buyer Assistance For First Time Home Buyers In North Alabama



Proven tips including a direct link to 100s of programs to help you buy your first home.

Inside you'll find:

> Important Tips For First Time Buyers
> Down Payment Assistance 
> Access To Grants Of $15,000
> Options For Low Down Payment Loans
> Programs For Middle Income Buyers.

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I am an Alabama state licensed REALTOR with Zeriss Realty in Madison

This first time buyer report was put together to explain some of the important steps of the process and also provide instant access to loan programs that may help.

Buyer Tips And Loan Programs

This information can help any first time buyer


My first time buyer guide can help open up new possibilities and buying options.

It includes a 7 point checklist for first time buyers, as well as a direct link to first time buyer loan programs in our area.

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David Mueller, REALTOR
Zeriss Realty LLC


Loan Programs For First Time Buyers


There Are 100s Of Loan Programs For First Time Buyers Including:

 Low Down Payment Loans
 Easier Qualifications
 Grants & Tax Credits
 Local Programs In Our Area


It can make a difference...


Understanding what type of financing options are available can open new possibilities for a first time buyer.




The right loan program can increase your buying power, and, quite possibly, be the difference between renting & home ownership.




Down payment assistance is NOT restricted to only low-income earners. Plenty of progams are geared towards middle-income buyers.





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